Why People Love Yoga With Me

WHY people love yoga with .me – I’ll Tell you where to put things. -The music will keep you entertained. -I keep you moving by focussing on intelligent sequencing/ which basically means I will include instructions not only for the […]

What To Expect

…My passion is sharing a practice that guides others towards deep self acceptance while having a well rounded, breath centered and ultimately relaxing experience. Join me for a dynamic breath centered vinyasa yoga class with great music, heat, laughter and […]

Where to find me

Yoga Mayu | Yoga Tree SF I pretty much teach within the city of San Francisco, with plans to expand of course, in the form of a variety of retreats   Public Class Schedule while each class & experience will […]

Backbending Essentials

Sun Date: Mar 25 2018 From: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM Learn how to grow postures from a stable and safe foundation while practicing in a group all levels Vinyasa Class setting. There are physical benefits to backbends- for example […]

Sonic Journey Flow March 24

Join me for our third rendition of Sonic Journey Flow Yoga Tree SF Castro has been gracious enough to pop us back on to the schedule again! The response in February was so great- in both attendees as well as […]

What is a ‘Sonic Journey’?

Sound has a profound effect on us. Often times we are inundated with sound and pretend like it isn’t happening. Over time this can be damaging and add stress.   THIS is why we started creating SONIC JOURNEYS… They are […]

Not To Miss Upcoming Workshops! [and extra classes]

      Extra Classes Coming Up: Tuesday March 1 8:15 Yoga Tree Castro Tuesday March 6 4:30 Yoga Tree Valencia Thursday March 8 4:30 Yoga Tree Valencia Thursday March 8 6:15 Yoga Tree Castro Tuesday March 13 4:30 Yoga […]

Faern Yoga Video: 5 min Yoga Pick Me Up 1 (intermediate)

A short sequence that can be done anytime, in particular in the middle of the day for an energy boost. It is recommended that you include a 3-5 minute savasana (final resting pose) even though this is not represented in […]

Hand & Wrist Stretches for the Artist

Hand & Wrist Stretches for the Artist (or anyone working with their hands or at a desk)    HAND & WRIST CARE -whether you work with your hands or plan to work with your hands it’s a good idea to […]

New Fall Schedule

Weekly Schedule Sunday 11:30-1 Vinyasa All Levels | Yoga Mayu Monday 3-4:20 Vinyasa | Yoga Tree SF Castro Tuesday 4-5 Vinyasa Flow | Satori Yoga Studio & 6:45-8 Vinyasa Flow | Satori Yoga Studio Wednesday 3-4:20 Vinyasa | Yoga Tree […]